What could happen elsewhere that could never happen with us? We call it "Yellow Page Roulette.TM" Here are some true life occurrences:
  • Physical crime against the customer
  • Fraud and non-delivery of promised goods and services
Those are the worst that could happen. Fortunately, they do not happen often. For the most part, the service trades and our competitors do not suffer these extreme occurrences. Here are some very common circumstances:
  • Technicians or salespeople fail to show up on time
  • Technicians or salespeople don't show up at all!
  • They fail to ask the questions necessary to offer a customized solution
  • They do not exhibit courtesy or care and sometimes use vulgar language
  • They don't provide strong warranties and are hard to deal with if things go wrong
  • They're not properly insured which puts you at risk
  • They're not properly licensed to perform work which puts you at risk
  • They're under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol while in your home.
Our contractors sign a Code of Ethics to help ensure that these things won't happen in your home.
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